Letter Template


The letter presented below can be sent to your landlord, rental agent or property management company. Edit the parts italicised and in [square brackets], and feel free to add extra detail/information as necessary.

The template:

To [landlord, management company or "to whom it may concern"]:

As you know, we are amid a crisis with the ongoing developments of COVID-19. Our community has been hit hard; people are being laid off, sick time is being restricted or taken away entirely, people are losing income, and health and living costs are rising as a result of this crisis.

[I/We] have experienced financial hardship during this crisis, and will not be able to pay rent this month. [I/We] will also not be able to pay it retoractively, or through any type of payment plan. Less income, higher costs of living, price gouging, and costs of living in a quarantine situation mean that rent is simply unaffordable. [I/we] therefore request a grace period of 1-3 months rent, without retroactive payments being requested, during this crisis.

The eviction moratorium and rent deferral plans offered by our government WILL NOT BE SUFFICIENT and DOES NOT MEET THE NEEDS of our community. People who are financially impacted and cannot pay rent will not have accumulated the money for the missed rent in a few months. As a community, many of us live paycheck to paycheck. We are currently unemployed for the foreseeable future.

[I/We], your [tenant/tenants], are not the only ones distributing this letter. This personal demand is a part of a larger collective action to suspend rent and protect those most marginalized, including your tenants who are not able to afford rent with these infrastructure cancellations. In these dire times, those who accumulate wealth via their additional property ownership (beyond their home) need to absolutely forego some of that wealth for the betterment of our society and to ease the suffering of others. We are in a state of emergency, our livelihoods at risk, and we hope this is taken seriously.

Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time,

[Signatures and printed names of resident(s)]